Company' s progression


- Founding of own company in Neubabelsberg near Berlin

- Relocation of the company to Berlin-Dahlem
        Die Festschrift von 1932  
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- The company is completely destroyed at the end of the Second World War

- New beginning in Kiel-Dietrichsdorf

        (Interview with Mr. Sütel and Mr. Onnasch ; German)

1959 USA
- The sales and service company Hell Colormetal Milanese” (HCM)
   is founded in Great Neck, Long Island

(für uns alle No. 36)

- Hell-Werk II in Kiel-Gaarden is founded
- Transformation of Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell KG to the Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell GmbH with Majority
   shareholding of Siemens AG
         (für uns alle No. 3)

         (für uns alle No. 5)

- Dr. Hell retires from active management and becomes a member of the Supervisory Board
   as chairman
1980 USA
- The “Hell Graphic System” (HGS) factory is inaugurated in Hauppauge (Long Island).
1981  Japan
- In In Tokyo, the subsidiary "Kaigai-Hell Graphic Center K.K." is founded
       (Oversee Tradingcompany Hell Graphic Center)
1981 USA
- Produktion von Hell Geräten angelaufen
1985 USA
- HGS (Sales, Service, Factory) moves to Port Washington, New York.

   (für uns alle No. 90)

- Dr. Hell withdrew from active business life. With the introduction the Hell GmbH of Siemens
  as a contribution in kind to the Linotype AG the Linotype-Hell AG. Plant "One" is closed. Later

  the work III in Kiel Suchsdorf becomes the headquarter of the branch office.

- In Tokyo, the subsidiary "Kaigai-Hell Graphic Center K.K." converted into the "Hell Graphics K.K".
   The company's headquarters are relocated within Tokyo.

        (Hell aktuell No. 109a , page 5)

1991 Japan
- "Hell Graphics K.K" operates as "Linotype-Hell K.K."

- Takeover of Linotype-Hell AG by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. Plant III in Kiel Suchsdorf is

   the seat of the branch office of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG in Kiel, Germany.

- The Kiel site is registered under the logo of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, world market
   leader for the entire print media industry. Kiel is the location for the development and production

   of prepress technology as well for the assembly of digital printing presses.

 1998 Japan
- The "Linotype-Hell K.K. merges with the Heidelberg PMT.Co, Ltd.

2002 Japan
- The product line "Engraving" is taken from Heidelberg Japan K.K. and transferred to the
   independent company "Hell Gravure Systems".