In-house magazine   „Klischograph"



The "Klischograph" is Hell's in-house magazine..

As the name suggests, in the early years this series of magazines mainly dealt with the engraving machines developed by Hell, the "Klischograph".
The first edition was released in 1956.
Mit With the expansion of the development field, product families such
as scanners/recorders, typesetting systems, TDP and repro systems are also included. The name of the in-house magazine has not changed over the course of these 29 years, but the layout has. This in-house magazine also enables a journey into the past:

       The change in product explanation and advertising.


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In-house magazine 2
Issue 3 from 1964 to 1985 (no numbers)
In-house magazine 1
Issue 1 from 1956 to Issue 1 from 1964