The emergence of the employee magazine "Für uns alle" ("for us all") is based on the wish expressed by Dr. Hell in 1970 to inform his "company members" about important business developments of the company up to private events. The editorial staff of the "first hour" were thus faced with the challenge of meeting the standards set by Dr. Hell and the articles with the available technical possibilities on paper to implement. For this purpose, simple typewriter texts column for column were assembled by hand and
then reproduced as a complete layout with a reproduction camera on lithographic film for the print run.
With the renaming of the employee magazine to "HELL aktuell" in 1982,
this became more colorful, exposed by "Digiset and extended by the
article line "Technik aktuell" ("technic of today").

On the occasion of the merger to the company Linotype-Hell our employee magazine has been stopped at year's end of 1990.



HELL aktuell 116 Dez 1990 Seite 1b             fuer uns alle 001 24 12 1970


Employee magazine 4
Edition December 1990 to 3rd October 1985
Employee magazine 3
Edition 18th July 1985 to 17th March 1981
Employee magazine 2
Edition 9th January 1981 to 5th March 1976
Employee magazine 1
 Edition 15th December 1975 to 24th December 1970