Mr. Teickner joined the company Hell in 1954 as a service
employee at the age of 24. His first assignments were in
South America to install the new K 150/ 151 engraving

In the course of product and service expansions, Mr. Teickner
ultimately took over responsibility for global service as Service
In 1988, Mr. Teickner retired at the age of 58.

This article is a reminder of the many years in "our" company
Dr. Hell, cultivated family cooperation and friendly solidarity.

Mr. Teickner died in 2021 at the age of 91.


    Teickner Berufsleben 1954 1988
  Teickner Help VDO
      Teickner Abschieds Unterschriften
      Teickner Urkunde IHK 1980
      Verabschiedung Teickner 1988
      Teickner Danksagung 1988 09


"Our thanks go to Mr. Christian Teickner for providing the documents 
  from his father's estate."