Company's history


The ceremonial magazine for
the inauguration of the new house
in Berlin,1932
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  Festschrift Einweihung neues Haus 1Seite 1932 02 15
The work rules, an agreement between
          Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell
      the works council, 1959
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  Betriebsordnung 1959 Page 2
Conversion of the company from a
       limited partnership (KG)
                     to a
   limited liability company (GmbH)
Out of:   "für uns alle"  , 1971
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  Firma Hell Umwandlung KG in GmbH 1971 07 23

Hell in Dietrichsdorf

A brief look back at the structure of the company
Dr. Hell in Dietrichsdorfs with the accompanying
rapid product development.ung.

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  Pages from Firma Hell Dietrichsdorf Aufbau 1947

Chronik der Firma Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell GmbH

From 1976 this chronicle was written by the Hell employee
Mr. H. Mebes on behalf of Mr. Taudt,
however, for unknown reasons, never completed.
Foreword and table of contents of this chronicle
The table of contents includes the links to the nine
chapters of the chronicle
  Chronik der Firma Dr Ing Rudolf Hell GmbH Deckblatt

Ein winziger Lichtpunkt setzt Marksteine und Maßstäbe

A tiny point of light sets milestones and standards

Five Decades
Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell's inventions

Polygraph special imprint 1979
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  Polygraph Sonderdruck 1979
Auf den Punkt gebracht
150 Jahre Heidelberg, Standort Kiel
An overview of the life of
             Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell
and a foray through all technical
    developments of our company.
Mr. C.Onnasch, Kiel 2000
(Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)
German, file size: 2,6 MByte
  Auf den Punkt gebracht 2000
The founding of the company
Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell in Kiel, 1947
Interview between Mr. Sütel and
Mr. C.Onnasch, 2001
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  Interview Neugruendung Firma Dr Rudolf Hell
Rudolf Hell zum 100. Geburtstag
   (Rudolf Hell's 100th birthday)
The career of   Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell
and the development of his company
Mr. B. Schreier; 2001
(Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG)

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  Rudolf Hell zum 100sten Geburtstag
Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Hell,
der Jahrhundert- Ingenieur
A very detailed essay on Dr. Hell and all
development branches of the company.
Herr B.Fuchs and Herr C. Onnasch; 2005
German, file size: 10,8 Mbyte
  Dr Ing Rudolf Hell Der Jahrhundertingenieur