The first drum scanners were developed by Hell since 1966. These scanners were not linked to a computer, since pictures could not yet be stored digitally. Available memory devices had not enough memory capacity, and they were too expensive and too slow. Only beginning in 1978, the first drum scanners could digitize pictures and store them in a computer.

Principles of analog scanner    


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Article out of  Klischograph 1977 (German)
        "Lasertechnik hält Einzug in die Druckindustrie"
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Here the first 4- minutes sample data.



    Gradation und Farbkorrektur

    Theoretischer Leitfaden

    German (8,7 Mbyte)


  Chromagraph Gradation und Farbkorrektur 1974 04 
  Chromagraph C 185   (1965)   C185 en

Chromagraph DC 300 B  (1975)

  Chromagraph DC 300 
Chromagraph C 299   (1977)
Chromagraph CP 340 (1978)
Chromagraph DC 350 (1978)
Chromagraph DC 380 (1987)
  Chromagraph C299

ChromaGraph S 3010  (1990)

Kulturdenkmal SH en

ChromaGraph DC 3000
   S 3010

Tango / Primescan  (1997)

Kulturdenkmal SH en


Topaz (1994)

Kulturdenkmal SH en

  Nexscan 4200 (2000)   Nexscan