Numerous honors for the technical pioneer Hell
The technical innovations that Rudolf Hell delivered in such a large number have been honored with many honors, of which only the most important are mentioned here. Thus, for example, Hell received the Great Cross of Merit to the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1967. In 1968 the Ullstein-Ring and the Culture Prize of the City of Kiel followed. Since 1979, the native of Bavaria has been an honorary citizen of the adopted home town of Kiel, and in the following year he received the Great Cross of Merit with the Star of the Federal Republic of Germany. In 1987 the admission of Dr. Hell took place in Inventors’ Gallery of the German Patent Office in Munich.
A total of 131 patents are associated with the name Rudolf Hell.
The inventor also showed his commitment to social issues. In this way he had apartments built for his employees and founded an old-age pension for all.

- Gold medal of the Photographische Gesellschaft Wien

- Award with the Great Merit Cross to the Order of Merit of the Federal 
   Republic of Germany

- Gold medal by the imprinting association of the CSSR

- Hell receives the Ullstein-Ring as well as the cultural award of the city

   of Kiel

- Segnatura AIGEC of the Union Italienne of the Export et Conseilleures


- Awarding the dignity of a Dr.-Ing. h.c. by The Technical University of
   Munich on February 9th

    "für uns alle"  No. 19(German)

- Dr. Hell receives the Gutenberg Prize from the city of Mainz on June 25.
   "First of all, Lord Mayor Dr. Jockel Fuchs paid tribute to the invention
   of Gutenberg and its social policy function up to the present time.
   He pointed out that information meant the elimination of uncertainty
   and derived from this quintessence of his remarks on Dr. Hells Work for
   information and media technology."

    "für uns alle"  No. 42   (German)

- Award of the Werner-von-Siemens-Ring on 13 December Honorary ring
   for services to science and technology
- On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the company, Dr. Hell awarded
   the honorary citizen of University of Kiel


   On May 7 Dr. Hell is awarded the "Great Merit Cross with Star".
   Only a few months after Dr.-Ing. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Rudolf Hell received the
   Werner-von Siemens-Ring, the largest technical award in the Federal
   Republic, for his scientific and economic achievements by President Karl
   Carstens with the "Great Merit Cross with Star" of the Order of Merit of
   the Federal Republic of Germany been awarded.
   Minister President Dr. Gerhard Stoltenberg gave him the order in his office
   on Wednesday, 7 May 1980, at 12 noon

    "für uns alle"  No. 55   (German)

- Presentation of the FDI-medal "for merit for the graphic industry"
 to Dr. Hell.
   "für uns alle"  No. 69
- Dr. Hell receives the honorary citizenship of the state capital Kiel.
  On the occasion of his birthday on 19 December, Dr. Hell was honored
  with the honor of the state capital Kiel. The solemn surrender of the
  document was signed on January 21st in the council meeting. In his
  laudation President of the City, Mr.Johanning, honored Dr. Hell as a
  Scientist, Inventor and Entrepreneur, who served with his life work both
  the technical progress as well as the humanization of the working world
  also the city of Kiel and their citizens.
  Since 1841, Kiel has had 17 distinguished figures from the worlds of culture,
  business and industry and politics with the dignity of an honorary citizen.

   "für uns alle"  Nr. 71   (German)

- On 30 November, Dr. Hell will be admitted to the Inventors' Gallery of the
  German Patent Office in Munich.
   A total of 131 patents are associated with the name Dr. Rudolf Hell.